We believe that it takes the whole community getting involved in order to make our mission successful and to help deserving students graduate college and break the cycle of poverty in their lives.  We offer several volunteer opportunities where you can make a difference.  Also, there is no better way to feel the impact of your Project One donation than to spend some time with our scholars.

Mentoring Relationship

Scholars have support throughout the course of their programs and scholarships from an ongoing relationship with a Project One Mentor.  Mentoring relationships are part of the ‘surround sound’ support we provide our students in order to increase the likelihood of a successful, enriching college experience.  Mentoring pairs will meet monthly (via phone or e-mail) and the relationship lasts one school year during their college career.

For more limited time requirements, we offer two other volunteer opportunities:

  1. Interview Panel

    The interview panel is an ideal way to meet a number of incredible high school seniors.  The panel spends several hours on one Saturday in late-Spring interviewing applicants for our scholarship program.  As part of our effort to be good stewards of the donations entrusted with us, we encourage feedback and input from interested parties, outside of our Board of Directors, to help narrow the pool of potential candidates.

  2. Program Leader

    • Financial Literacy

      The curriculum offered is Wells Fargo’s Hands on Banking.  The course material is provided.

    • Gifts and talents discovery